Winter Look Book

Winter Look Book

Winter time is probably the most fab season of them all! Fur coats, knee high boots, and cozy sweaters are something we all look forward to. Here’s a few of my favorite winter picks from my winter wardrobe.

Pick #1:

This pick is perfect for your holiday work party or even a nice date night with your honey! It’s fun, sheek, and sweet!img_0053img_0046The pantyhose I’m wearing with this outfit are my absolute favorite. They’re thick at the bottom and see through at the thighs! They are the perfect touch to any high skirt or dress during the holidays!

img_0056The ruffled detail on this blouse is very unique and really the only reason I decided to buy this blouse. It’s so fun and festive! img_1414


Red and white stripped ruffled blouse: Forever21(

Black suede mini skirt: Forever21 (

Black pantyhose: Forever21,

Black riding boots: Dillard’s

Pick #2:

This pick is probably one of my favorite. It’s fun, casual, and very comfy! It’s perfect for a trip to the grocery store, a casual shopping day, or really any occasion. The key to this outfit is to wear it with confidence!

img_0371img_0388img_0365If you’re missing a nice faux fur coat in your wardrobe, hit up your local thrift shop and pop some tags! img_0385img_1416


Cheetah print coat: Thrifted

Mom Jeans: PacSun

Black turtle neck sweater: Express

Shoes: Lucky Brand

Pick #3:

Outfit number four is one of my everyday winter wears. This outfit will make you feel fit and fab, ready to take on whatever the day has to offer you!

img_0411-1img_0414-1img_0431-2img_0418-1Y’all, the glitter socks are a must. If you don’t own a pair, get a pair. I’m working on getting a pair in every color glitter. They are the perfect unique accessory to every pair of shoes!img_1401


Green sweater:Express                                                                    

Black Shoe: ALDO shoe store                                    

Black studded belt: Forever21           

Neck Bandana: Forever21 Glitter socks: Urban Outfitters                                                                                      

Black high waisted Jeans: American Eagle                              

Pick #4:

Pick number five is cute and simple. Throw on your favorite jean jacket and cutest beanie and you got yourself a darn cute outfit.


Leather leggings: Express

Black boot: ALDO shoe store

Beanie: PacSun

I hope you enjoyed the few of my winter outfit picks! Please comment and tell me what you think!

Stay fab dolls!♥

Christmas party guide: 7 ways to planning a FA FA FABULOUS Christmas party!

Christmas party guide: 7 ways to planning a FA FA FABULOUS Christmas party!

It’s that time of year dolls! Time to shop till we drop, eat until we pop, give until we just cannot give no more, and PARTY like it’s Jesus’ Birthday because it totally is! Parties are no joke around this time of year especially when the job you have is very people oriented. This year my Husband and I will be attending five Christmas parties that we know of so far, three of which we will be hosting! I had quite the time plotting and still planning for our multiple Christmas parties, if you are hosting or planning to host a fab Christmas party this year here’s a guide with 7 ways to make sure your Christmas party is lit!

1. Pick a date

This may be an obvious tip but the date of your party is very important! You want to pick a convenient date that works for all. Be sure that the date of your party is toward the beginning of the month of December. Anywhere close to Christmas and Christmas Eve, people are usually doing things with their family and they’re most likely to miss out on your party. Friday’s and Saturday’s are usually ok IF invitations are sent out in plenty of time for people to schedule in your party before other usual weekend activities. If you are looking for a weekday, my go-to’s are Monday or Thursday. Monday’s are almost always a drag and usually the lamest day of anyone’s week. What other way to up their day other than a party? It also gives people something fun to look forward to instead of the usual drag of a Monday! Thursday’s are good because it’s one day until the weekend, and an early start to a weekend is good for anyone!

2. Dream your theme

Theme picking is my favorite part of party planning. There is so many fun and fab options to choose from or even dream up! Here’s six of my favorite that I’ve came across while Christmas party planning this year:

  1. Of course, the never ending UGLY SWEATER themed party.
  2. The fun and comfy PANCAKES & PJ’S themed party.
  3. The super cute GRINCH themed party.
  4. The casual FLANNEL AND FROST themed party.
  5. The Fiesta, FELIZ NAVIDAD themed party.
  6. My absolute favorite and most fabulous, the SPARKLES AND SPIRITS SOIREE themed party.

There’s so many options to choose from! If you just can’t decide on one, make a list of your top ten, number them from favorite to least favorite, start with your favorite this year and continue going down your list throughout the years until it’s time to make a new list! Or have multiple parties a year, the more the merrier!

3. The perfect guest list

Guest list are very important because the number of guest you have will determine seating, food, beverages, party favors, and the list goes on and on. Most importantly, a guest list keeps party poopers from coming and pooping on your party!

A guest list is a must list! If you’re really into organizing and making lists like I am, here’s the perfect guest list to help you keep track of all your guest!

Christmas Party Guest List

4. Invitations

Invitations were always the hardest part for me until, I found this nice app called Canva! Canva is a photo editor and design app. On Canva you can create invitations, Instagram posts, thank you cards, etc. from your phone or from your computer. It’s super easy and majority of it is free! This is how I create all of my party invites. Below I attached an invite I created for the a Christmas party I recently hosted. If you have any questions about the app or would like me to share this invite with you through Canva, feel free to contact me.

Feliz Navida Xmas Invite
Made on the Canva App

Send out your invitation at least three to two weeks in advance! Sometimes you can get away with one week but that’s cutting it short. You always want to give your guest plenty of time to RSVP and clear their schedules for your party, especially during the season of Christmas.

5. Décor, Décor, Décor!

There is no beating the look on your guest’s face when they walk into your space and see it decorated for a PARTY! They’ll admire all the hard work and effort you put into a fun and fabulous time. If you’re anything like me decorations are my weakness. If it wasn’t for my husband telling me “no” to the many decorations I so much want, we’d probably be broke. If you’re decorating on a budget, homemade décor is always a smart idea! Christmas parties are usually pretty easy to decorate for, assuming that your place is already decorated from top to bottom in Christmas décor like mine is. You should only have to add a few more major decorations to incorporate your specific party theme.

A couple of party decorations that are a must for any party of mine are a photo booth themed after your party, don’t forget the props! And balloons! Balloons scream party! Here’s some of my picks for Christmas party Décor from Target, my all time favorite place to shop:

6. Food

Food is key! People are crazy about food, especially when it’s free.  You don’t have to plan a four course meal for your party. Of course you can if you’d like but a main dish, drinks and desserts that go along with your theme is just fine. There’s tons of different options and ways to go about food for your party. Basically, do you!  Whatever you can afford and whatever is convenient for you, do it! Don’t be afraid to ask your guest to bring drinks, or their favorite dessert, or even to do a potluck! They’ll be happy to help and even more happy to show off their baking skills. The only must from a Christmas party host is to provide hot chocolate! A Christmas party is not a Christmas party unless hot chocolate is available. This warm and fuzzy drink will get everyone in the Holiday spirit for sure. Don’t forget the marshmallows!


Now that the planning process is done, it’s time to party! Get the Christmas music playing, the tree lights lit, candles burning, hot chocolate warming and chestnuts roasting! Be the hostess with the mostest, dressed to impress, and having everything in place ready to start right on time! Have plenty of games ready to play and don’t you dare forget the gift exchange! Don’t stress, enjoy yourself, and eat all the food and all the goodies you deserve for putting on a lit Christmas party!

Happy post-Thanksgiving

Happy post-Thanksgiving

What I am thankful for

Happy post-thanksgiving Dolls, I hope you all had a fabulous turkey day! I don’t know about you guys but I’m STILL full. All that turkey, dressing, and gravy really did me good this year. Or maybe not so good.. Kickboxing is going to be a must the next few weeks to work off all these post-thanksgivings hangs.

This year my husband and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. How sweet, right? Well, both my family and Dillon’s family schedule Thanksgiving on the same day, same time, every year. Being newlyweds and all we kind of totally freaked out about this predicament. We were completely unsure on how we were going to pull off being two places at one time! After going over many different possible turkey day strategies we realized we can’t be in two places at once, sadly. We both took deep breaths, sat down and made a newlywed decision and decided that we are going to have to switch off between the two families every year. Which we soon found out is a completely normal and a very common thing for married couples to have to do! We’re still learning.

Processed with VSCO with kp2 preset
Happy thanksgiving from Mr. and Mrs. Mathes

With that being said, this was the first ever Thanksgiving I spent away from my family. Dillon and I spent our Thanksgiving in Abilene Texas with his family; my new family, it was perfect. Although yes, it was hard being away from my family on this special holiday for the first time ever, the spirit of thanksgiving overcame all of that. As Dill and I we’re on our way back to Lubbock I began to think about what it is I’m truly thankful for this Thanksgiving. Many, many things came to mind but if I could sum all those things up into one word it would be “change.” I am thankful for change.

This year specifically has been a whirlwind of change. In just this one year I met the man of my dreams, got engaged, graduated from bible school, got married, made a big move from Dallas back to Lubbock; my hometown, and started a brand new job. Phew.. so many changes, and that’s just some of the many. It was yesterday as I thought about how I was so thankful for change that I realized all the change I had been through God graced me for. I am so thankful for His grace. I could have never gone through these changes I’ve been through and continue to go through without the grace of God. I’ve realized that the Lord has an authority that we have no right to question. I’m thankful for His authority. When we began to be selfless and obey without question, that’s when all our personal wants and desires come along. In His timing of course but they do come, because He loves us and rewards us for being obedient to Him and for the sake of His Kingdom. This reward I’ve seen constantly throughout this year and has helped me like no other. That reward is, Joy. There’s a Joy that comes from obeying Him.

Psalm 19:8-11 (NKJV)

“The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes; 9) The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether. 10) More to be desired are they than gold, Yea, than much fine gold; Sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. 11)Moreover by them Your servant is warned, And in keeping them there is great reward.” (The Message Bible also has a great version of this scripture, check it out!)

I could have easily gave up a long time ago and boy did I want to and nearly almost did a few times. The thing is I see the bigger picture. The picture that has nothing to do with us and everything to do with God and His Kingdom. There has been many things I have said “yes” to that I didn’t necessarily want to say “yes” to, because I knew the hardship that would come along with them. Those were the moments when I asked. I asked for His grace and really that’s as simple as it gets. Just ask. Ask for grace to go through change, or hard times, or whatever it is you may be going through. I guarantee you His grace is enough to get you through it.

I guarantee this because I’ve walked through it. After all the difficult changes this year I stand blessed. Blessed with a handsome God fearing husband, a new family who loves and accepts me, a new job at a new church with amazing pastors and co-workers, fabulous new friends, a cute home to share with my hubby, and the list goes on and on. The Lord has given me above and beyond my desires and my wants. I have everything to be thankful for, thank you Jesus.

I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for! If you feel able to share please leave a comment and tell me what you’re thankful for this post-thanksgiving! If you have questions or want to chat go to the contact page and shoot me a message. Have a blessed post-thanksgiving. I’m off to began my Christmas decorating! Wish me luck and stay lurking for some fab December Post’s!


Below are some pictures of my thanksgiving. Including the outfit I styled for a fab turkey day and pictures of the cute turkey cupcakes I made for Dillon’s family. Enjoy, and comment!

Shop JRoberts & Forever21 for this outfit.

Turkey Cupcakes

Click the link in the photo description to make these cute turkey day cupcakes

My first blog post

My first blog post

This is happening!!

Hello! My name is Mia and I am 21 years old. If I had to pick just two words to describe myself, they’d probably be “boujee” & “sparkly”!

The lifestyle I live I would say is not like that of your average 21-year-old and not a very commonone. But man, oh man is it a fabulous one. Very busy, BUT oh so fabulous. I have many roles that I play in this life. Too many to name in just this one post but to share a little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Lubbock TX, home of the Red Raiders! I’m newly married to a man named Dillon Mathes. Who I’m totally in Love with! Dillon and I are Youth Pastors at Faith Christian Family church to a youth group named “FCYC” which stands for “Faith Christian Youth Church”. We both work at our church full time and we love it! I’m so anxious to share more about myself with you guys throughout my blog!

I am completely new to this whole blogging thing, I have no idea what I am doing to be quite honest. What I do know is that, this has been a big dream of mine, and OMG it’s happening! Praise God! I’m looking forward to sharing my lifestyle, fashion and faith with you all. If you’re looking for a friend, encouragement, fashion inspiration, confidence, busy lifestyle tips and fun perks, and ways to SPARKLE and SHINE, then you’ve found it!

Mathew 5:16 “In the same way let your light SHINE before others, that they might see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

If you already follow me on Instagram be expecting this blog to be something way more personal from me. I will be posting about 3 times monthly. This month only, I will only be posting twice. This first blog post and then one more. I will share on Instagram when my upcoming posts will be. If you have questions, suggestions, complaints or just want to chat with me check out the “contact” tab above, or feel free to DM me on Instagram.

In this post I included some pictures of myself in an outfit I carefully selected specifically for this post. I wanted to style something that I thought would help you guys get a glimpse of my style and personality. The acid wash skirt I’m wearing is a 1980’s vintage skirt that used to belong to my momma, the cropped top I’m wearing is from Forever21, and the pink coat is a new buy from JRoberts (one of my favorites! Specifically, the one in Riudoso, NM.). If you want to know more about this outfit, feel free to contact me!

Enjoy, and stay tuned for a post-Thanksgiving post!😘