Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

An unforgettable 2018 has come and gone and 2019 is officially here and in full swing! My 2019 planner is set up and ready for event planning, my goals are listed and ready to be accomplished, and my heart is full and ready to endure all 2019 has to offer.

We are four days into 2019 and so far it has been great! I brought in the new year with my hubby and family. We had a delicious turkey dinner, made some vision boards and brought in the new year with sweet family prayer.

Here’s some highlight photos of my NYE night:

My New Years preparations:

My 2019 word: MERCY

The Hebrew word mercy in Nehemiah 9:19 is the exact same word that’s used for compassion’s (which is also translated to mercy in some bible versions) in Lamentations 3:22. The root of it is to love deeply, to have mercy and tender affection, to be soft and cherishing and soothing – to behold with the most tender affection. I chose this word because in 2019 I want to love deeply, have mercy and affection, I want to be soft and cherishing and I want to behold with the most tender affection for all people, situations, blessings, encounters, and just all things that may come into my life in 2019.

My 2019 scripture: LAMENTATIONS 3:22-24

22 The faithful love of the Lord never ends!
    His mercies never cease.
23 Great is his faithfulness;
    his mercies begin afresh each morning.
24 I say to myself, “The Lord is my inheritance;
    therefore, I will hope in him!” 

I chose this scripture because this is something I need a daily reminder of! The Lord’s compassionate mercy never ever fails and it is new every morning.


My absolute favorite thing to do towards the new year is searching for and purchasing a new planner! I have no idea how anyone could get through the year without a planner. Mine is a necessity to my life. No joke. I have to have one, and I have to have a GOOD one. The planner I purchased for this year is by far my favorite one yet! It’s from a company called ban.do! ♥  It is the most vibrant and fun planner I have ever owned and I am obsessed with it. I’ll attach the link to my exact planner. Check it out:


Not only does ban.do sale super cute planners but they also sale tons of other fab product like office supplies, accessories, beauty product and tons more that I know you’ll love! Give them a visit ASAP → https://www.bando.com/.

My 2019 resolutions:

  • Dig deep and dig deeper. I recently read something that really spoke out to me and it was, “Dig your well for yourself and also for the people who follow along after you.” I want to really dig into God’s Word this year. I want to get a good depth of understanding of what I read daily not only for myself but for those who follow after me.
  • Read more. I have never been a reader and honestly it’s a hard thing for me to do. But I really want to complete at least three good books this year. If anyone has any suggestions on good books please let me know in the comments!
  • Blog WAY more. Oh man, blogging is something I definitely neglected this year. Forgive me, please. I absolutely will be on top of my blog 100% more this year and I am pretty excited about it!
  • Stay active! I’m so going to stay active in 2019. I started cycling this year and I love it. I highly recommend cycling if you struggle with lame workout routines like I once did.
  • Travel somewhere new. I want to take a big trip to somewhere I’ve never been with my hubby this year. Not to sure where but just something different than our usual traveling. We deserve it! God willing it’ll happen.
  • Work hard. I want to work hard at many things this new year. I don’t want to half way do anything but do everything in excellence and to the very best of my abilities.

I would love to hear your New Year preparations! Comment and share them with me, maybe even give me some ideas of what you’d like to see from me on the blog this year. Praying each of you have a blessed 2019!


love, Mia


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