14 Days of Valentines

The month of love is just around the corner. I don’t know about you gals but I love the month of February.  Who doesn’t love a month dedicated to love?! I love, LOVE! Ever since I can remember Valentines Day for me has been celebrated as a legit holiday. Whether dating, single, or married there’s always a way and a reason to celebrate love. ♥

This year I will be celebrating with my forever Valentine for a third year and to make things fun for the both of us this Valentines, I’ve decided to do 14 Days of Valentines!

My 14 Days of Valentines:

  1. Mani/Pedi – My hubby loves when I look my best and I love Mani/Pedi’s.
  2. Make V-day cards – I love to not only show my significant other some love on V-day but the other people in my life that I love and appreciate as well. Every year I try to make sweet cards along with a small gift and give them to the people I love such as co-workers, close friends and family! (Target dollar section is perf for this project.)
  3. Host a Super Bowl Party – This one is for my Hubby. I know hosting a Super Bowl party to root on his Patriots will make him happy, so that’s just what we’re going to do.
  4. Fondue for Two – How fun does sharing a bowl of melted cheese with your hunny sound? Sound fun to me!
  5. Order a heart shaped pizza – This night we’ll be having a date night in and enjoying a yummy pizza the shape of love!
  6. Donut breakfast – “Donut you know how much I love you?” I’ll be surprising my hubby this morning with a donut breakfast I know he’ll love.
  7. Road Trip – Nothing sweeter than a short getaway. We’ll be going to Ruidoso, NM to attend the XO Marriage Retreat! YAY!
  8. Dress in Red – Ooo la la.
  9. Share a milkshake – Two straws, one cup, YUM!
  10. Buy V-day candy – And eat it all.
  11. V-day themed breakfast – Heart shaped pancakes, I think YES!
  12. Indoor picnic – We’ll be having Whataburger on this picnic, my mans favorite.
  13. Make something Sweet – Strawberry cake for the win, not only this this V-day but every V-day. It’s a tradition.
  14. Valentines Day Date Night – My hubby bought us tickets to a Moulin Rouge movie party at the Alamo Drafthouse!!! SO EXCITED.

I can’t wait to get started with these 14 days. You can do 14 Days of Valentines too! Pick 14 things that make you happy and celebrate love your own way! Follow me on Instagram to keep up with my 14 Days of Valentines!

♥ Mia


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