We’re Having a Baby! How We Found Out+How We Told Our Family

By now I am sure most of you reading this post have probably seen our pregnancy announcement via social media, but if not we will be having a sweet baby Mathes this coming August! I can’t even begin to express how excited we are! Being a mother has been one of my many biggest dreams and we feel so very blessed to be beginning this next season of life together. ♥


How/When Did We Find Out?

Dillon and I initially planned to get off of birth control in January of 2019, but the pills I was on were beginning to make my body act a bit strange, which I did not like. In November (November 20th to be exact) we went to a doctors appointment and decided that day that I would get off birth control and that we wouldn’t necessarily be “trying” to get pregnant but just kind of trusting the Lord and allowing whatever happens to happen. So I got off of birth control, my period stopped (finally) and come mid December I was still without a period. I didn’t really think too much of it but I did mention to Dillon in early December that I felt like the Lord was directing me to take a pregnancy test right before Christmas and not a day earlier! I ended up being disobedient. I happened to come across a pregnancy test that my sister in law had left over at her house, so I took it and the test came out negative. I was a bit crushed, but not surprised. The day before Christmas Eve, Dillon reminded me of what I told him at the beginning of the month. I told him I didn’t want to take one because I didn’t want to be sad again if it was to come out negative, but he convinced and encouraged me and so we went to the nearest Walgreen’s and bought a couple of tests. We went back home, Dillon began to make some grilled cheeses for dinner and I headed to the restroom. I went in there feeling nervous but sure of what the Lord had asked of me. I remember waiting, pacing back and forth, feeling super giddy inside and then finally I took a gimps of the test and it said “positive”.

Telling Dillon

I looked in the mirror just smiling like, “omg, I am pregnant!!! THANK YOU JESUS.” I walked out of the bedroom, turned to look at Dillon who was in the middle of his grilled cheese making and said, “babe, it’s positive!” and if you know my husband his response will not surprise you. Dillon just looked at me with a goofy grin and his response was “Dawg, are you pregnant?” He just kept asking me if I was pregnant over and over! I giggled, both of us with teary eyes and said “I think so? I mean, I guess? That’s what it says!?” Of course we cried and hugged but no it wasn’t one of those way cute and clever moment’s that you see on Facebook that many wife’s get when they tell their husbands that their pregnant but it was our moment and it was perfect!

Telling Our Parent’s

This news was way too big for me to hold in. I mean I have been waiting my whole stinking life for this moment! How people hold it in from their family and friends for so long just to do a cute reveal, I do not know. After Dillon and I had our moment I looked at him and said “I have to tell my parents! I can’t wait!” Mind you we had just left their house before our trip to Walgreen’s… So we came up with the lamest excuse of us needing some cheese for our grilled cheese sandwiches that Dillon had already began to make, I called them and sounding super desperate I asked, “hey, can y’all please bring over some cheese, we ran out!” Being the sweet parents they are they said, “We’re on the way!” I instantly freaked. I told Dillon that I needed to take the second test just to be sure before they arrived! There I was chugging water bottles trying to make myself have to pee again, finally I took the second one and as I was waiting for the result I heard the doorbell ring. I look at the second test just as they’re walking in and it said “positive”. I grabbed the two tests, put them behind my back, walk into the kitchen to meet them, and said “I’m pregnant” as I held out the two test for them to see. They were both so happy and shared hugs and tears to the both of us, and then we all had some grilled cheese’s while we discussed our excitement. It was the sweetest thing.

As many of you know, Dillon’s family lives in Abilene. We shared the big news with Dillon’s Mom through FaceTime which was just as sweet. Weeks before this she had been asking us if I was pregnant because she had a couple dreams that I was so when we told her she wasn’t too surprised but so so happy. I guess momma’s just know! Both grandparents to be are very excited about the good news!

Telling Our Family

I was dying to tell my immediate family the sweet news of a new baby coming into the family. The next day, Christmas Eve I woke up super early and called every clinic in Lubbock until I could find one that was actually open on Christmas Eve and that did pregnancy blood tests. I just wanted to be sure one more time, before I shared such big news to my family. My mom and I were there all morning (we all know how doctors offices can be.) Then finally my results came back and of course the test came back positive!

That night at our family Christmas right before our prayer over the meal I shared the news to my moms side of the family. It was so exciting! I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of our mouths! Christmas Day we were able to tell my dad’s side at our family Christmas and we shared over FaceTime to Dillon’s family at their family Christmas. Again nothing too cutesy, just a random blurp of “We’re pregnant!” and I wouldn’t have imagined it any other way. What a very Merry Christmas it was!

Our First Appointment

Our first doctors appointment was January 23rd. They told us that at this appointment we would be able to hear baby’s heartbeat and find out how far along I was but sadly neither of those things happened that day. The doctor was unable to hear a heartbeat coming from my belly, which was a bit scary of a feeling and I had absolutely no idea when the first day of my last period was so they couldn’t tell me how far along I was either. I left the appointment feeling a bit bummed but with complete trust and peace in the Lord. They set us a second appointment for an ultrasound so they would be able to tell me exactly how far along I was. On January 31st we went for an ultrasound and there it was, our little pickle chillin in my belly! I was speechless and just overwhelmed with so much joy. I just couldn’t stop thinking about how the Lord had chosen me, chosen us to be Mommy and Daddy to one of his precious creations. We left the doctors office with so much joy and relief that everything was looking good for our little pickle. It was all really happening this is real, we’re having a baby!

We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us as a soon to be family. We’re praying a believing now for greatness over our little ones life and ask that you join us in doing the same. Thank you all so much for the kind words and overwhelming love many of you have showed on Instagram and Facebook. We’ve read every single comment and and we’re blessed by each and everyone of them. I can’t wait to share this precious season and journey with you all. It’s been such a sweet time for us and we are excited for the rest of this pregnancy and what is to come!

Love, Mia ♥


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